Working with Entrepreneurs to Create Value and Change


Richmond Global

A hedge fund backed by statistically modeled environmental data, Richmond Global Compass  seeks to link sustainable investment with the latest machine learning techniques. I was asked by the Founder to deliver a definition of green and the metrics associated. Over the course of a few weeks, I was able to find a host of variables from various data providers, serving as the foundation of a model, taking into account a variety of constraints related to sustainability, environmental regulation, green initiatives and other relevant information. I then led a small team in developing a preliminary model that extracted correlations between a company’s stock performance and its environmental impact with statistical significance. Our model provided the foundation for a recommendation and/or prediction engine that could validate whether or not it is wise to trade certain stocks with a long-term horizon.

Emerge.Me’s product focuses on providing affordable healthcare insurance particularly for critical illnesses and accidents. Their vision is to significantly reduce medical debt in the U.S. by making emergency insurance coverage widely accessible, easy to understand, and easy to buy. Working with the Founder and CEO and his small team, I assisted in developing the company's long-term product roadmap and technological integrations. The company is now a portfolio company of Rokk3r Labs and has successfully launched the product into the market.


Univate is an intra-university marketplace that encourages collaboration and facilitates quick and easy feedback. Since university is the premier space for students and alumni to build on their innovations, Univate augments in-class and extracurricular activities related to startups for the university as a whole, by providing students and alumni with digital tools for transforming projects into startups. I founded this company along with two other cofounders during my last semester at Columbia University. As the CEO I was responsible for the vision of our company as well as business development, fundraising, and a tad bit of full-stack development.  

Rokk3r Labs

Rokk3r Labs is a company cobuilder. By providing access to experienced strategists, developers, designers and product architects, we help entrepreneurs and organizations outperform the competition and help their investors increase returns and mitigate risk. As a Senior Strategist out of the Office of the CEO at Rokk3r Labs, I am responsible for working with our partner entrepreneurs to develop product concepts. I lead the development of companies in various areas, such as marketing, finance, website development, and user experience. I am also responsible with aiding  the CEO with the overall vision of Rokk3r Labs itself. Internally I work across various verticals including data analytics, sales, strategic partnerships, and recruiting.


I was co-founder and Head of Operations at 10xU, which is a portfolio company of Rokk3r Labs. 10xU is a community platform that provides tools, a network, mentorship, and online education all in order to equip entrepreneurs with the resources that they need to build tech companies in today's world. I was in charge of recruitment, team metrics and performance, technical integrations and management of third-party tools/platforms, and general project management. I also held mentorship hours for entrepreneurs and assisted with general community management.

While the demand for reputation and cyber insurance products increases, the industry’s attempt to understand a consumer’s cyber/reputation risk profile and to profitably underwrite an insurance program is confusing and lacks standardization. Cytrust provides simple and transparent tools to find the most adequate solutions for your company’s cybersecurity needs. I led the team that developed the product concept and strategic roadmap to launch the company. I also led design sprints, conducted user interviews, created mock-ups, and established strategic partnerships with cyber risk raters and assessment companies.